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JAG flocomponents was founded in 2001 by partners that shared over 100 years of meaningful oil and gas flow control experience in the North American Market. The vision that lead to JAG’s creation, was a combination of three key elements:

  1. Create an intelligently designed family of ball valves that addressed as many user concerns as possible,
  2. Offer our clients as many features and innovations as possible, and
  3. Deliver long-term “world-class” economics.

Today, supported by over 1,500,000 sq. ft. of modern, highly efficient manufacturing capacity, including our wholly-owned factory in Dalian, China which was commissioned in September, 2004, we are proud to say, that in our “JAG” line of quarter turn valves, our vision has been fully met.

In early 2006 Jag entered in the US market establishing a 35,000 sq/ft distribution center in Stafford (Houston) Texas. Along with a significant inventory of ball valves and API 6D products, JAG Flocomponents USA, LTD also offers full testing and valve modification services.

Jag Canada

Dalian China

Houston USA

The product models available in this comprehensive product line include:

  • Jag Flanged Floaters, Classes 150 – 1500, (1/4” to 10”)
  • Jag Trunnions, Classes 150 – 2500, (2” to 36”)
  • Jag Class 1500 NPT model T3, (1/4” – 2”)
  • Jag Class 2500 NPT model T3, (1/4” – 2”)
  • Jag NPT Model 413, 2000 WOG – ASME B.16-34, (1/4” – 2”)
  • Jag Pig Ball Valve, Classes 150 – 600, (2” – 8”)
  • Jag Spring Return NPT (1/4 -2")

How to purchase our products

Since the principals in JAG have long believed in the value of legitimate distribution channels, our products can be sourced through virtually any valve distribution company, or oilfield supply company. However, Jag does enjoy special relationships with these prime distributors in both Canada and the United States:

Apex Distribution
Midfield Supply

JAG Flocomponents